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So the house is what?

Monarch Title, L.L.C. has all the resources you need for your Louisiana home purchase!

1. Water Account

Take your copy of the sale to

the water department to have the water account switched into your name.

2. Homestead Exemption

In a few weeks, you will receive a letter from us along with your title policy and a copy of the sale that has been clocked-in at the court house (it will have a red or blue stamp on the upper corner).


  • Clocked-in copy of the sale

  • Your government-issued photo ID reflecting your new home address

  • An UNopened electricity bill

With those three items, go in person to the tax assessor's office and file for your homestead exemption.  When you are granted a homestead exemption, $75,000.00 of the value of your home will be exempt from property taxes.

**NOTE: Louisiana does not issue a “title” to the property you own.  The original transfer document is registered in the conveyance records and that is what proves your ownership.

3. Tax Help

Next year, take your closing disclosure and any IRS 1098 forms showing interest paid on your home loan to the person who helps you with your federal and state income tax returns.

4. Monarch Moving Checklist

Go through the Monarch Moving Checklist!

Download a printable version below!

So the House Is Mine, Now What?
Download • 57KB

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